Heyday Magazine

Heyday Vol.2 Issue 2 Cover

Heyday Vol.2 Issue 2 Cover by Travis Keyes

Your Name Productions is proud to publish Heyday Magazine: A quarterly Literary Journal of Poetry, Artwork, Articles, Interviews and Reviews. In addition to publishing the works of talented artists from all over the world, we also include quarterly articles on various aspects of the creative process. The two main on-going article series which are written by Editor-in-Chief Chris Wood are:

Freedom Through Limitation: A Defense of Form in Poetry – Each quarter we explore a different traditional form of poetry and give you a general history and definition of the form. We also give you some of the more famous poems written in this form for further study and then ask you to submit your own poems in the form that each quarter explores. This is a great way to increase your chances of inclusion in the publication of Heyday Magazine.

Suggestions on Reading – In each issue of Heyday Magazine, Chris Wood includes this article series that not only explores the poems in each issue, but gives general tips on becoming a better reader of poetry in general and tips on engaging poetry so that you get the most out of it. This on-going series is FREE online as well under the Articles and Columns section.

Visit www.HeydayMag.com to preview poetry and artwork from past issues of Heyday as well as the FREE columns and suggestions for increasing your chances of inclusion in the magazine. Back Issues of Heyday are only $2.95 in digital PDF format and are the best way to know what types of material you should send us when submitting. So, send us your poetry, artwork, articles, cartoons, comics, suggestions, whatever! We want to hear from you! (follow the submission guidelines on our Submit section)

This is your Heyday!

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