Heyday Vol.2 Issue 2 Cover

2 Week Submission Deadline!

So, we’re hard to work at the upcoming April release of Heyday Magazine and we’ve gotten more submissions this quarter than any quarter in our history, so we want to thank everyone who has submitted already, and also encourage those who haven’t to take advantage of the next two weeks to use our Submission Manager and send us your poetry, artwork, photography, cartoon, essays, Send us anything that you’ve made and want to share and we’ll see if we can find room in the issue for those things that are well-crafted and will benefit the intelligent and creative readership of Heyday Magazine, without you guys, the journal wouldn’t be possible!

We’ve had eleven instant YES poems so far this quarter! But, the battle still rages on in the “strong maybe” pile, so don’t be afraid to submit! Also, we are accepting Cento poems for our ongoing column: Freedom Through Limitation: A Defense of Form in Poetry, which explores a form each quarter and last issue, Issue 4 (Vol.2 Issue 1), explored the cento and contains my own cento in tribute to Joseph Brodsky titled: Beating Your Tremulous, Translucent Wings. Check out the issue for just $2.95 to learn more about the cento and get some suggestions on various creative ideas when writing to this form as well as a list of suggested cento poems to read!

In addition to Freedom Though Limitation, April’s issue 5 (Vol.2 Issue 2), will contain:

Suggestions on Reading (the ongoing FREE column)
The Journey is The Destination: An article on Training at Writing (or anything).
An Exclusive Interview with Issue 5 cover Artist – Travis Keyes
Poet’s Comitatus (an ongoing column by Robert Milby
Letter From The Editor
Plus much more including over 80 pages of Poetry, Artwork and Photography!